Pauline does not run


We all know that PAULINE DOES NOT RUN, but this past weekend, I did something that everyone will probably be really surprised about. On Saturday, Justin's vet school organized the Mutt Strut that includes a 5k afterwards for humans.

A couple of months ago, Justin and I decided to start training for 5ks, but for some reason that quickly died. So, when I arrived Friday afternoon, we went for a 3 mile run in Kiesel Park (where the 5k was to take place on Saturday) to test out the trail. We thought it would be a GREAT idea to cram 8 weeks of training into one night...not such a great idea when you have a race to run the next morning--the Toowoomba Pasta from Outback didn't even come to my rescue! The next morning my legs were like jello... and bootcamp with Mommy and Daddy (aka Jayme and Andy) didn't help things either.

But nonetheless we arrived at Kiesel Park, where dogs were running wild and runners were getting ready for the race. Then there was me...

Don't I look like a runner? With my New Balance running shoes (I have to say they look pretty damn new! no pun intended but they look new because I've maybe used them once since I got them), my iPod, my spandex pants and my headband to keep my hair from getting in my face when I'm running my 5 minute miles..oops I meant to say 10 minute miles.

I definitely struggled during the race and I'm not going to make excuses about bootcamp with Mommy and Daddy or that I ran 3 miles the night before (just a note, I definitely ran 6 miles in 12 hours! I don't think I've ran 6 miles in my entire life!!), but I have to say that it felt really good to finish no matter how slow I was or that I walked some of it. I accomplished something that I (and most of you guys) thought that I would never do.

So now PAULINE DOES RUN!! I finished in about 32 minutes, which I thought was good considering I haven't ran in a month or so. Don't expect me to be running marathons any time soon, but I think these 5ks could be a regular thing in my life...hopefully. Some day maybe I can make it to the first place winner's time...16 minutes and 21 seconds. Yikes!

I just want to thank Justin for staying behind with me and walking with me even though he probably could have ran the whole time and finished earlier. Maybe next time it will be me waiting for him. :)

2nd Annual Birthday Boating Extravaganza


Summer is such a happy time for me...the beach, the sun, hanging out with friends outside...all good times. So as the summer comes to an end, I am not a happy camper. It just means that it's going get colder and colder and colder and colder... BUT now there is something in my life that makes the end of the summer more bearable. It's the Annual Birthday Boating Extravaganza!

Every year (as in this is the second year) my friend Lindsay and Kyla organize their birthday outing to Lake Lanier. We rent a pontoon boat, drive around the lake for 4 hours and drink and be merry while playing in the cold water (just to remind you that we did this on the Saturday b
efore the first day of fall)!

This year we had 12 people on the pontoon, but majority ruled that next year we should rent the Fantasy, which holds 100 people!! This means we have 1 year to make 100 new friends, but for now we only have 12 and we still had a great time! We had great weather and good company...someone noticed our happy time on the boat and wanted to join in on the fun and ride a long! Say hello to our little friend to the right! :)

So I know what you're're jealous of our boat outing! You should be and maybe just maybe you will be a part of our Fantasy ride, with the slide and all!

After riding around Lake Lanier (good thing we didn't find any dead people), we all met up at Everybody's in the Highlands. It was my first time there and I have to say that I am in love with their cheese bread!! Such a simple concept, bread and melted cheese!! Sooo goood!! You have to try it! Anyways, enough of my love proclamation to the cheese bread. We had dinner there and then went to Highland Tap afterwards, where Maggie, Thomas and I watched the Dawgs woop up on Bama!!! (such a good game by the way) A good end t
o a wonderful day! And a good end to a long and happy summer! At least I have next summer to look forward to as well as the 3rd Annual Birthday Boating Extravaganza!