I just kept running and will continue to run


Last weekend I did something that I probably would have never thought I would ever do. And it's not something that I don't think anyone would ever think I would do either, but nevertheless I think this running could be a new addition in my life that I could carry on for a long time. Who knew that me, a non-runner who eats french fries like it's her business and drinks beer, could become a runner?

The Cooper River Bridge Run is one of the most popular 10K races in the southeast with about 40,000 participants, which consists of 2 miles to the bridge, 2 miles over and then 2 miles to the finish line in Marion Square.

Unlike my 5K last year, where I trained the night before (which FYI is not a good idea...just so you know), I actually did some training a month or so before. Okay, so I didn't exactly follow a solid routine until...well, I really didn't, but at least I was running and working out weeks before the race, trying to eat right and not drinking too much....

I felt like I was in good shape coming up to the day of race. I drank lots and lots of water the day before and ate light that whole week, which I know for most of you reading this that that is not something easy for me to do. I thought I was fully prepared. I know I wasn't going to win the race but at least I knew I wasn't going to pass out.

The race started at 8AM with the runners on the left and the walkers on the right. We all started out together, weaving in and out of people feeling good about ourselves because we were going faster than the people in front of us. After 2 miles, I was feeling good that I wasn't tired and that I actually ran 2 miles without stopping! But that didn't last too long...I stopped only a couple of times, once on the bridge and once to get some water, which I really shouldn't have done because after that I got light-headed and had to stop again but other than that everything was all good. :)

The view of the water and the city going over the bridge was AMAZING!! It's a view that I will never forget and a view that I will be seeing once a year for the rest of my life.

Number 23478 finished in 1 hour 14 minutes and 1 second

Life after college turned out to be good...real good! So, for now on, my goal is to try and run a 5K once a month. That may not seem like a big goal for some people but for me it could be the start of a new and healthy french fry eating, beer drinking non-runner.