As most of you know, I'm planning a trip to Spain with 5 girlfriends this September. My aunt is renting a villa in Denia, Spain for a month and invited people to come visit her, so we are making the trek to Denia! As a birthday gift, Maggie got us a Mediterranean cooking class at Whole Foods to prepare us for the Spanish cuisine.

The Menu:

Moroccan Phyllo Cups and Spanikopita with Almonds, Raisins, Carrots, & Chicken
Artichoke Salad with Roasted Red Peppers & Herbed Goat Cheese
Grilled Sea Bass (we actually used Grouper because Sea Bass wasn't in season) with Capers, Charred Tomatoes, & Saffron Rice
Lemon Panna Cotta & Macerated Berries

Maggie's famous rice!

Our Lemon Panna Cotta that never got to settle because it takes 6 hours! We still ate it and it was soupy and delish!

Artichoke Salad

My plate full of yummy food! Look at those caper berries...YUM-O!

Thanks Maggie for an awesome gift! Can't wait to eat in Espana and will of course post about our anticipated trip. We are arriving in Barcelona and will stay a couple of nights and then head down to Denia, in the Costa Blanca region. We will then explore the Costa Blanca region visiting Alicante and Valencia.

Where is Rocky now?


We had to some research on squirrels for one of our clients at work and we came across this video...hilarious! Another sad episode of a child actor gone completely wrong...

Listen to the Music


AAH!! Summer! A time for fun in the sun, hanging out with friends, playing drinking games...well that's really year round for me, BUT, I love summer because that's when all the artists tour and play their oh-so-awesome music!

Today, I bought my tickets to see Ray Lamontagne! I have never seen him in concert before and I'm pretty pumped about it. Although, it's in October, I still just have that summertime music feeling!

I have acquired some new music this year...The Bridges, Modern Skirts, Paolo Nutini, Amos Lee (who by the way is my obsession of the moment because of his song "Arms of a Woman" and I just got tickets to see him Aug. 5 at Variety Playhouse). I would really like to thank Richard for opening my eyes to other music besides Ben, Jack and Ray. I had no idea that there were other artists out there who could really capture me.

If you don't know who The Bridges are, then you are definitely missing out...think all-girl band (well except for one guy) from Alabama who wear boots!! My kind of girls! Some of us went to see them at Variety Playhouse a couple of months ago...

The Modern Skirts are a local band from Athens and I'm sad that I wasn't able to see them when they were was actually the same weekend as The Bridges. That weekend was definitely a music-filled weekend because I saw Blue Traveler and Drivin n Cryin that Saturday night.

Oh and Paolo, when will I get to see him? Who knows...he is touring in Europe and apparently I missed him while he was touring here in the States. I guess I wasn't a big fan of him until after he left..sadness. Why didn't I become obsessed with him while he was here? Now, if I could just get tickets to see Jack Johnson!!