An Ork Ork here, and an Ork Ork there


My friend showed me this site: Ork Posters, City Neighborhood Posters.

I love the typography (everyone knows how much I love typography), the color combos and the fact that they can screenprint these!

Here are some of my faves:

This one isn't a city neighborhood, but I thought it was still pretty cool!

Now if they can create one for the ATL!

The Art of It All


To add to the busy-ness that is my life at the moment, we've been having figure drawing class during our studio time on Monday nights. I guess this is more of relaxation time for me.

Last night was our last class so I decided to go all out and actually do a painting.
J. Wo has done several figure paintings for our class. This is my first figure painting. ha! I know I already signed it, but I think it's still a work in progress...her head might be too big for her body and I need to work on her right leg. Any other suggestions?

I Got Over It...


The Cooper River Bridge that is in Charleston! Shaved off a couple minutes from the last time I ran it a couple of years's a slow progress. But I was actually pretty proud that I ran most of the 6.2 miles this year! It's hard to run up a bridge when there are 40,000 other people trying to run it as well. We started out in Mt. Pleasant and trekked across the bridge and ended up in downtown Charleston near Marion Square. We'll see if next year I can break an hour because every year as I get older, the more aches and pains I knees, my hips, my back...what's next?

Me, Molly and McGee


I have definitely not been looking for love in all the right places for the past month. I've been so busy with work and anything and everything outside of work. So how fitting is it that HelloRobert has gotten me addicted to watching a Live Owl Nest Box where Molly has laid eggs a month ago and should be hatching any day now!

Is it weird that I just related my non-existence on my blog to owl eggs?

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