Goodbye Pitter Patters, Hello Spring Flings


So, I realized I didn't want my last post to be the latest for too pity party over here! Past couple of weeks have been super busy with work and social life. I think I've picked up a bad addiction: Sugar Free Red Bull. I think it "keeps me going," but it's probably all in my head! ha! Whatever works! Seems like all this social activity is the first sign of spring, good weather, and hanging out with friends outside. Can't wait for what the rest of the summer will bring.

In conclusion, new obsessions include Sugar Free Red Bull, Photobooths, Photo Hunt (downloaded the iPhone app is how obsessed I am), and singing Boyz II Men songs in the car.

Searching for my Obama-jamas... and hopefully the best bloody mary in town!


A couple of weeks after my KC trip, I decided at the last minute to visit DC. Erin took a train down from NYC and I met up with her there to hang out with Laura for the weekend.

As soon as we arrived, we met up with Erin at a piano bar at the Mayflower Hotel in Dupont Circle, which coincidentally was where Spitzer decided to get some nookie on the eve of Valentine's Day. Our first taste of the behind the scenes political scandal....ooh la la! Apparently, the drinks are hard there are too. All three of us were already feeling pretty good after one drink. :)

And as much as I want to re-tell my DC trip, I really can't remember? Is that because I'm going to be 27 this year? Is God punishing me by erasing all good memories of my twenties or is it because it's true that alcohol kills brain cells? I think not, but all in all... let's just say that:

food + drinking + friends=a great time in DC