Keving Gillespie, You Light My Fire


And oh baby, Kevin Gillespie (the head chef), who won third place on Bravo's Top Chef, lit my fire at Woodfire Grill

Excuse my photos. I really need to get my camera situated so you can actually see the amazing food that I have been eating.

Before our meals, we were surprised with a spoonful of something that for the life of me I cannot remember. All I remember was that it was light and it tasted like a bouquet of flowers. Very fragrant!

For my starter, I definitely wanted to try the Black Truffle Mushroom Risotto. I mean black truffle, mushrooms and risotto, how can you go wrong?

Gillespie is known for his slow-cooked pork, but I wanted to try his Sturgeon. And of course it was just out of this world. Not a single flake of sturgeon left on my plate.

I topped the whole meal off with no, not a dessert, but a couple of glasses of bodegas borsao garnacha campo de borja tres picos. Now that's some great Spanish wine!

On a sidenote, but I am so proud of the culinary talent in Atlanta. We've had several of our awesome chefs on Bravo's Top Chef: Richard Blais, previously from One Midtown Kitchen and now Flip Burger; Hector Santiago, head chef at Pura Vida; Eli Kirshtein, from Eno

I know I'm missing several other chefs, so sorry chefs, but I suggest you check these places out!



After Shopping Nights with Bodega at Studio 900 (definitely got some more good finds!), my friend Katie and I decided to get dinner and drinks at P'Cheen in Inman Park. I just love saying that word...P'Cheen..I could not stop saying it last night! It's just one of those words.

Photo from Savory Exposure

On a sidenote: What really bugged me was that P'Cheen was on Groupon the other day...I despised the table next to us as I saw them take out their Groupon from their wallet to pay for part of their meal. Groupon would be the end of my finances if I keep buying every groupon--that was my rationalization for the night and that was the end of my Groupon woes. End of sidenote.

And damn I didn't have my camera and you know how the iPhone cameras times of darkness, I wish I had a blackberry so I could have some flash to my pics!

You think that as a Catholic I would adhere to my Lenten Season fasting: complaining

The dinner last night was delicious!

For an appetizer, we ordered the Drunken' Shrooms...boy, I could have made that dish into a soup. The broth was just out of this fungi world!

Main Entrée: Risotto du Jour
Oh yes, there was some pork belly with this dish. Pork Belly and Risotto are two of my many favorites things and put together...umm...yea...

I heart typography


It's true...everyone has their own little quirks and for some odd reason, I don't know....maybe it's because I'm a graphic designer...every time I'm out and about I always seem to try and figure out what type of font I see. And I guess I'm not ashamed of my freak flag, I like to wave it in front of people and declare, "I know that font!" I get the rolling of the eyes or the I want to pretend I didn't hear what you just said in front of all these people. I think it's a gift.

To wave my flag around even more, I bought this awesome Sans Serif Typography Wood Wall Art made by PepperSprouts from

image courtesy of peppersprouts

What kind of freak flag do you carry!?!?

I want my baby back


barbecue sauce...

The baby back ribs were very tempting Monday night at DBA Barbecue in Virginia Highlands, but I chose to stick with the pulled pork with a side of deliciousness! Monday nights at DBA Barbecue they have great beer specials: $1 pint and $4 pitchers of Yuengling. So Natalie, Mr. Macking and I made our way to try it out! Conclusion: might be a regular place to hit up on Mondays, especially if Natalie becomes a guest bartender. Oh yes, they have guest bartenders on Monday nights.

Sorry for the terrible photos...I was sans camera that night

Pulled Pork plate with a side of red beans and rice and creamed corn

Mr. Macking's plate: Pulled Pork with potato salad and humungo onion rings

Natalie's Plate: Pulled Chicken with yummy macaroni n cheese and sweet potato fries

Did I mention that we had banana pudding and chocolate bourbon ice cream over a brownie?

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I'm stuffed!