I don't think we're in Atlanta anymore


Sweetwater has a way of making you feel like you are in your own little world. We were there for a fundraising event for the Georgia State Physical Therapy school and had no idea that there was a tornado passing through. We were all just drinking and having a good time and didn't think anything of it since ajc.com said that it was strong winds that caused damage to the Georgia Dome...I think not. Afterwards we wanted to see for ourselves just how bad the damage was; we were newly born storm chasers!

At first it was more of a fun adventure for us, but little did we know it would end up being very surreal and unimaginable. It was a such a shock and a very sad scene to be looking at, especially since it was in the heart of Atlanta.

Yes, that is a billboard that fell on top of a car. I'm sure these pictures don't really grasp the tornado's effect on the city, but you can see just what type of damage it caused.

There was just debris and lots of glass EVERYWHERE! Here is a shot of Centennial Olympic Park. A couple of the towers fell.

It was an unfortunate night, but I'm glad we went down there to see it for ourselves. It really was a historic, but tragic event in Atlanta.