I guess that means we'll just have to go to Myrtle Beach


It's always such a nice surprise to go to the beach at a time other than the summer. This past weekend Justin, Anne Marie, Chris and I made our way to Myrtle Beach for some good times and good laughs.

Justin and I arrived in Myrtle Beach late Friday night because of my awesome ability to read maps! :) But the next morning, I looked out our window and the view was awesome! Our condo was across the street from the beach, but walking out onto our balcony seemed like we were right on the beach.

Saturday night we went on the SunCruz, a casino boat, that goes out to international waters and opens up the casino with slots and tables. I pretended like we were in Vegas, but the 4-5 foot waves and the horrible rocking back and forth made the experience more of an episode on Deadliest Catch. The good thing about the nauseousness was that it saved me from losing insane amounts of money. We all walked away with more money than when we boarded and had a great time making fun of all the classy people from Myrtle Beach. I will definitely do it again!

Stay tuned for my next excursion to Dauphin Island, Alabama for a whole week with my family for Thanksgiving. I think this is my new favorite road trip...going to the beach when it's not peak season.


J. Wo said...

I thought you said they were 45 foot swells. not 4-5 foot. That doesn't sound like it would create nausea! haha.