Savannah...Born and Raised


So, you have to say "born and raised" with a southern accent or it just doesn't work out really well for the whole theme of the weekend.

To continue my running this year, Matt and I ran in the 10k Bridge Run in Savannah the other weekend while Natalie cheered us on from the start line to the finish line. Let me tell was the hardest of the three that I've done this year. The bridge had a lot steeper incline that the Bridge Run in Charleston and it was a lot longer...PLUS, we had to run over it twice. They aren't lying about the toughest Bridge Run of the south! But as always, it was such a good feeling to finish in the end and a pleasure to run with Matt. Time: 1 hour and 11 minutes

While we were there, you know we had to go to Lady and Sons to consume all the calories we just ran off that morning. We surprisingly grabbed a table right away and lushly (is that a word?) ordered our bloody marys that we have been craving ever since we ran over the finish line. They were oh-so-delicious and well worth the 6.2 miles. For food, Natalie ordered a crabcake sandwich, Matt ordered the crabcake and I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of crab bisque. We all had crabs (as in the food)! You know I laid that joke out on the table (pun intended!) after we all got our food.

Afterwards, we had to walk off our meal and took a nice scenic route through Savannah back to our hotel, which by the way had the best view of the Savannah River as well as the Mount Everest bridge we ran over. At the hotel, we all took an oath that we would not take a Charleston nap and that we would get ready, go to a bar and watch the SEC Championship game. And we did just that, but we were totally off our time because by the time the game was over it was around 8pm...too early to go out, so we went back to the hotel. Wrong Choice! We broke our oath and took a Charleston nap well into the following morning...12 hour Charleston nap!

Oh well! It was definitely a productive weekend with the 10k run, eating at Paula Deen's restaurant, sleeping for 12 hours and buying 2 dresses from Blue Belle, which I couldn't really read that weekend and thought we were walking into Blue Balls...ha!


J. Wo said...

Blue Balls! Haha awesome. I'm proud of you P for running that 10k. You got some stamina in you!

AM Ashley said...

That is awesome. Blue Balls and crabs. Can't beat that. Good job for you!! Sounds like a fun weekend.