Hamilton Wood Type Museum


I am such a dork, but I have to post this...But I think any conversation about design is kind of dorky unless you are a design nerd like me, especially when it comes to letterpress and wood type.

At a recent AIGA event, they featured a film called Typeface. (PS. Love this site!) The film was all about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin solely dedicated to preserving the art of wood type and how different designers from all over have a love for wood type, but use it in many different ways to create really beautiful pieces.

So, to add to my list of goals, destinations, what have you, I want to take a trip up to Two Rivers to visit this building with piles, boxes, stacks of wood type. Maybe I'll do a residency here...sounds weird but umm, yea, I'm a design nerd.


J. Wo said...

We need to gather a designers posse and take a road trip to visit two rivers!! At least you're not as nerdy as me, and bust out the history of carved wooden letters at the bar in Buckhead. That's a sure way to scare people off! Nerd Alert! :)