Kumbaya Helen


After a weekend of lectures about how as a designer I can save the planet, I decided to get back to nature and camp! Normally, I would never go a day without my hair straightener or a nice bed, but whats a couple of days without them when I can be one with the woods. Oh yea, it was Oktoberfest...but who really needs a reason to drink?

After a three-hour drive to Helen, well really we got to Helen in the time it should have taken, but someone forgot to print out directions to the campsite...ahem..so it took three-hours instead. We finally got to our campsite where everyone was waiting and wondering
where we were...damn cellphones!

The next morning we ate breakfast and some how came up with a new game to play in the woods... Rock Golf. Basically, you throw a rock at a tree and however many times it takes you to hit the tree is your score. Greg was the winner of the first round... here he is kissing his trophy. Notice our locker room... We had a lot of eligible players. By the way, my team won the second game. I think we could have made this game into something big! Am I obsessed?

We then went into to Helen and did the usual... drink, watch football and mingle with the men in Lederhosen! Oh yea! Good times!! Nothing too interesting happened, which I thought would since I haven't camped....never. It does feel free to pee in the woods! ;)


AM Ashley said...

Ok, I'll say it. I should have gone.

maggie said...

me too!

AM Ashley said...

dude, your lame. keep up with the blogg. i keep checking for something new