I heart cupcakes: Recap of the last couple of months


So, it's been a while since I have kept up with my blog and just wanted to keep you guys informed of my happenings these last couple of months. A lot of wild and crazy things have happened so brace yourself...not really but this could be a long night or if you are not wanting to work this is your lucky day!

Since my camping extravaganza,
the holidays were upon us and that just blew right by. Seems like the holidays aren't as they used to be when you were younger and now that the days just go by so fast the holidays are pretty much a blur. Sad, but true.

I was able to take a breather from work with a week and half long vaca. Mags and I went to NYC to visit Erin. That was so much needed time away from work and ATL. In a nutshell, I bought a Vera Wang dress, I was a superstar on stage, I saw some superstars
on stage
and I definitely saw Frodo.

New Years Eve came a long the same day I came back from NYC and Justin experienced his first Filipino New Year's Eve Party. Hope we didn't scare him off! Here we are...I
'm wearing my Vera Wang dress. :)

It was a busy month in January...that's all I can say there. Outside of work, I picked up a couple of design jobs for wedding invitations and requests for paintings of dogs. (I'll keep those as a separate blog entry.)

This past week I was at a photoshoot in Buffalo for one of our clients. That was quite a different experience..weather-wise!!
I think we experienced all kinds of weather...sun, rain, clouds, 70 mph winds, snow, ice and sleet. The day of 70 mph winds apparently was equal to a type 1 tropical storm, but instead of rain we had snow. It definitely was not the same as the two days we had snow in Atlanta. The visibility that day was well... you can see for yourself. This was taken outside the HSBC Arena, where we had our photoshoot. The other days, when it was somewhat sunny, you can see the harbour, the Niagara River that leads into Lake Erie and Canada. Basically I couldn't even see the harbour.

After a week of Buffalo, I made my way to Knoxville for Mags' 26th Birthday! The Big 2-6!! The theme of the weekend:

"Cupcakes make people happy!"

Long story short: we spend a couple of hours driving around Knoxville trying to look for cupcakes..first Magpies=closed! then VG's (not really sure what the actual name of the bakery)=closed! Well we actually never even found it, so we had to succumb to Butler and Bailey's mini cupcakes.. yea these were devoured pretty quickly! They did make us VERY HAPPY!!

Mags' family came up soon after our cupcake trip and we celebrated Mags' birthday with a Mardi Gras celebration. We had shrimp creole and KING CAKE..mmmm!! The next morning we had beignets to cap off a very good weekend. Hope you had a good birthday Mags!!! Love you like a cupcake!!


maggie said...

did you say Fiji? ha! love you too! thanks for the great weekend!