YEE HAW Industries


While we were walking around Knoxville, I was suprised when I came across Yee Haw Industries. The first time I heard about Yee Haw was at the AIGA Design Conference in Denver. Yee Haw had created a letterpress flyer (well actually it was a card) for the 2009 AIGA Design Conference in Memphis.

It was just so unexpected when I was walking out of an art gallery and Yee Haw was right across the street. J. Wo and I went crazy in there. As soon as I walked in, I told them that I was so excited to be there and told them about how I saw the card at the AIGA Conference. They allowed us to walk around their studio. It was very inspiring!! They do AMAZING Letterpress work, mostly musical artist poster, but there were some stationary that we bought. Their artwork has a lot of southern influence and great color! Please check them out!