Mineral Bluff, here we come!


It's official! Girls Weekend had it's second annual trip this past weekend up at Mineral Bluff, Georgia...sounds like a magical place, doesn't it? Anne Marie's parents/Anne Marie graciously offered their guest house as the host for Girls Weekend '08 and the weekend was rightfully named: Bluff Boat Bangers! Maybe you can guess how we came up with the title...

As soon as we arrived, we opened a bottle of wine and sat in the hot tub...it can't get any better than that. Let's just say the night ended pretty quickly...wine and the hot tub...need I say more?

The next day, we were up early (if you've every gone on vacation with me, you know I like to wake up early) and ready to go on the boat. We packed our cooler with a couple cases of beer (one of them was Yuengling: one of our faves since we can't buy it in Georgia)*, brought the cards for a couple of games of BS, food and we couldn't forget Scattegories! Just by reading the items we brought you can guess what we did most of the day and I'm pretty impressed with our drinking skills because we definitely killed a case and a half of beer. Granted, I probably gained about 10 more pounds from that weekend, but I was still impressed. Oh and by the way, the lions were definitely out that weekend!

That night, we cooked the most delicious dinner: shrimp quesadillas, lime and cilantro rice, black beans and guacamole. This was probably the 5 pounds from the 10 pounds I gained, but it was definitely well worth it! Again, let's just say the night ended pretty quickly...beer all day and a very fulfilling dinner...need I say more?

The next day, it was overcast so we stayed in and played board games: Pictionary and Cranium! Maggie and I are now obsessed with Cranium because we went out and bought not only one but two games! If you have never played Cranium, you have to play because it is the best game EVER! It's like Trivial Pursuit, Charades, Pictionary and Boggle all in one! Just ask about Jessica's Tina Turner impersonation, Anne Marie's impression of a clam and Maggie's DNA sculpture...I on the other hand tried to impersonate Bullwinkle and Barbara Streisand..."People. People who need people."

Obviously, this was the G-rated version of the trip, but if you want to know the PG-13 version then just let me know. ;)

Thanks to Anne Marie's parents for letting us stay at the guest house and we can't wait to go up there again! Where will Girls Weekend '09 be and what will it be called?? Stay tuned! A tradition has just begun...

*Murphy, North Carolina is 15 minutes from Mineral Bluff and that's where we bought the Yuengling...just in case you wanted to tell me I made a mistake.


AM Ashley said...

aaawwwwesssome. That is so fun, I had a bast with you guys and I suggest we consider labor day weekend as well... Just a thought. Also, we have the jet ski until the end of july.... I am not saying, I am just saying.