Espana bound!


It's almost surreal that in about 36 hours I will be in Barcelona looking at Picasso paintings, strolling through the small streets of the city and drinking fabulous Spanish wine. You know sometimes when you are going somewhere you can imagine yourself actually there, but for some reason this time it's almost like a dream. I can't believe that our big trip to Spain is finally here!

I will be in Spain for about two weeks and I know that it will definitely fly by, but while you guys are sitting at your computers you can dream about me sitting at a Spanish cafe, drinking wine and listening to a Spanish guitarist (if any of you watched Vicky Christina, you will know exactly what I'm talking about). But don't worry, I will try and keep you guys updated while I'm there with lots of pictures, in depth descriptions of the awesome food and the adventures of me and 5 other girls.

Woo! Hoo!

I'm off to Spain!


smartcookie said...

Hello...Vicki Cristina Barcelona...I wanted some updates!

J. Wo said...

When are you going to post something??? I am lapping you by two!