No puedo esperar para ir a España


okay okay, so I had to go to some English-Spanish website to look up what I wanted to say, which is "I can't wait to go to Spain!" but that doesn't mean my Spanish words of the day aren't helping me out. Just watch! I'll be the most fluent Spanish-speaking Filipino you will ever know. 

16 days and counting...

I think I can still achieve losing 20 lbs. before I go, right? I mean the only reason why I would want to lose 20 lbs is so I can eat all I can in Spain. Isn't that why people want to lose weight? So that they can eat all they can? Hmmm...maybe it's just me.

Anyways, our itinerary is set...FINALLY! Barcelona for a couple of days. Then head down to Denia for a couple of days. Take the coastal tour train down to Alicante and spend the night there. Head back to Denia for the day and then on to Valencia for some socializing. From there Erin and Katie will leave us and the rest of us will spend our last days in Denia before heading home. We'll be there for 12 days. For some reason, 12 days sounds so long when you are here working, but 12 days sounds so short when you are on vacation. 

This trip seems to be coming up at the right time in my life. A much needed break from all the stress both personally and work-related and my last chance before the weather gets cold to hit up the beach. But not just any beach...the nude beach! The sun is going to shine on places my body has never seen before. 

15 days and counting...


Jana Nordstrand said...

I am so so jealous. It's possibly unhealthy. Have an amazing time and blog about everything! wahoo you little jetsetter.