Espana 08: Valencia and the Quest for the Holy Grail


While we were on our trip, Maggie found out that she passed her boards!! Yay!! She can work now! Congratulations! And we caught it all on our camera. She was hysterically crying. I didn't know if something tragic happened or might be tragic that she did pass and that now she is entering the working world! Go back Maggie...go back!!

For her celebratory dinner, we went to La Fonda, a restaurant in Valencia that Leslie's friend recommended us going to. It was probably on of the most memorable meals I have had (and it wasn't because of the story of the prawn that fell on the floor and magically reappeared on my plate). Just look at the beautiful array of scrumptious dishes.

Valencia is probably one of the nicest cities we went to in Spain. If I were to go back to Spain, then I would definitely go back to see Valencia. It's like being in Beverly Hills with the palm trees lining the streets and all the nice, high-end stores.

PS. We were on a quest to find the Holy Grail and by God, we found it! It's in Valencia!