Homework – Week 2, #1
PURPOSE: Sculpt firm glutes. Everybody wants a nice firm tush! Do these exercises to the best of your ability and be on your way!

  • Warm up: Jog in place for 1 minutes, jumping jacks for 1 minute, jump rope for 1 minute, squats for 1 minute, jog in place for 1 minute (5 minutes total)
  • Stretch hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves (2-5 minutes)
  • Begin a series of the following intervals: right leg step back lunges 30 seconds, left leg step back lunges 30 seconds, fire hydrants to the side right leg 30 seconds, fire hydrants to the side left leg 30 seconds, fire hydrant kick backs right leg 30 seconds, fire hydrant kick backs left leg 30 seconds (3 minutes total). In between each 3 minute interval jog for 1 minute and complete 30 bicycle crunches with opposite elbow to opposite knee and a crunch in between. Repeat 4 times.
  • Stretch for 5 minutes. Make sure to get a good glute stretch

Homework Assignment – Week 2, #2
Purpose: To increase cardio and burn calories. Also it is a change of pace from the jumping of our indoor workouts.

Complete the following:

  • Dynamic warm up of 30 sec each of jumping jacks, high knees, jogging in place, alternating lunges, pushups and squats.
  • Follow this with 5 minutes of stretching.
  • 10 minute fast walk or slow jog on an incline. If you are outside, find a hill and start your workout at the bottom.
  • 15 minute jog at an increased speed from the first 10 minutes.
  • 5 minute slow jog or fast walk.
  • 10 minutes of stretching.

Homework Assignment– Week 2, #3
Purpose: Try something new! Exercise is meant to be fun! Take a fast walk or job with your dog, go swimming, ride your bike. Take advantage of nice weather and be outside, or grab your friends and go rollerblading

Complete the following:

  • Tire run for 1 minute, high knees for one minute and jog in place for 1 minute to warm up your muscles.
  • 25 jumping jacks.
  • Stretch for 5 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of the cardiovascular activity of your choice! Have fun with it!
  • 10 minutes of stretching.