Up, Up, and Away...


I thought I would never ever ever be jumping out of a plane but I just did! It was such an unbelievable experience that words cannot do justice for the feeling of free falling for 47 seconds (which PS felt like 5 seconds) and 10 minutes of floating in the air looking out at the Atlanta skyline.

The four of us, me, Jessica, Maggie and Erin, set out on our what felt like a really long trip to Monroe, Georgia. Driving from Athens to Monroe hungover seems to make time longer for some reason. Tip#1: Don't drink and dive! (and no, we did not have any projectile up in the air...thank god!)

I don't think the situation had hit any of us until we were getting into our jumpsuits and the intercom came on and said "5 minutes for skydivers!" Umm what, I just put my jumpsuit on...But I do have to say, being in those jumpsuits makes you feel pretty awesome and important. Like I'm on a mission (which we were)! I feel the need...the need..for speed!

Jessica and I were the first jumpers and as we made our way on to the plane, the mood quickly changed from "I'm so excited!" to "What in the hell am I doing?" Jessica's face was priceless and basically said it all!

The moment got all too real when they opened up the hatch and you were kneeling right there in front of the open air amidst the clouds and ground below of what looked like a model of a small town. What is this? A center for ants?!?

1, 2, 3....

I free fell for 47 seconds with sleeting hitting my face. It was like little pricklies hitting my face, but that quickly wasn't important anymore as I could finally see the ground below me. I became used to the fact that I was free falling and stopped screaming and then tried to breathe normally. Tip #2: Dont' try to breathe normally. Just keep screaming.

Free-falling felt like 5 action-packed seconds of my life, but the ride afterwards felt like forever, but a good forever. It was just so peaceful floating and looking at everything around...the Atlanta skyline, Stone Mountain, Athens...

I would do this all over again! Thanks Skydive Monroe!


J. Wo said...

Haha Tom Petty's Freefalling song just came on the radio as I was reading your post!! I can't wait to jump again! Maybe you should take Bud when yall go to vegas on Thanksgiving. Or even try the Wind Tunnel! I can't wait to be skydivers for halloween!