As most of you know, I'm planning a trip to Spain with 5 girlfriends this September. My aunt is renting a villa in Denia, Spain for a month and invited people to come visit her, so we are making the trek to Denia! As a birthday gift, Maggie got us a Mediterranean cooking class at Whole Foods to prepare us for the Spanish cuisine.

The Menu:

Moroccan Phyllo Cups and Spanikopita with Almonds, Raisins, Carrots, & Chicken
Artichoke Salad with Roasted Red Peppers & Herbed Goat Cheese
Grilled Sea Bass (we actually used Grouper because Sea Bass wasn't in season) with Capers, Charred Tomatoes, & Saffron Rice
Lemon Panna Cotta & Macerated Berries

Maggie's famous rice!

Our Lemon Panna Cotta that never got to settle because it takes 6 hours! We still ate it and it was soupy and delish!

Artichoke Salad

My plate full of yummy food! Look at those caper berries...YUM-O!

Thanks Maggie for an awesome gift! Can't wait to eat in Espana and will of course post about our anticipated trip. We are arriving in Barcelona and will stay a couple of nights and then head down to Denia, in the Costa Blanca region. We will then explore the Costa Blanca region visiting Alicante and Valencia.