Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009


The holidays were pretty low key for me this year...I don't know if it's because of the economy–somehow now-a-days, the depressing economy seems to be the scapegoat for everyone's problems, joys (?) and overall situations in life–or if it's because of personal issues I have been dealing with. The holidays are just not the same for me, but I'm pretty sure the spirit will pick back up once or if I have kids...basically, when kids are in the picture, the holiday spirit seems to be in full force.

2008 has definitely been a year of ups and downs, both personally and professionally. It has been a year of contemplation, travel, tears, name it. I think I've experienced every emotion possible this year. It's hard to say whether this was the worst year of my life or the best. We'll see what happens. Maybe in a couple of years–if I can hopefully remember 2008–and say, "2008 was great!" I think I'll do a recap of each month and decide whether or not 2008 was great based on my happenings that month. Oh and I have to tell you that I think I probably traveled every month this year...something that I will probably try and keep up for 2009

January 2008
A new adventure started growing. I picked up a lot of invitation jobs, which has started a snowball of referrals for P & J Designs.
Travel Destination: Buffalo, NY
Overall: Good

February 2008
Justin passed his vet boards!
Travel Destination: Knoxville, TN
Overall: Good

March 2008
More invitations and more dog portraits!
Travel Destination: ?
Overall: Good?

April 2008
My first 10k! My uncle passes away at a young age...
Travel Destination: Charleston, SC
Overall: So-So

May 2008
Justin graduated from Vet School! Our first wedding of the season was in Anderson, SC. This might be where my year goes down hill...
Travel Destination: Anderson, SC
Overall: So-So

June 2008
Jimmy Buffett concert and Steve and Melissa get married!
Travel Destination: Athens, GA
Overall: So-So

July 2008
Girls Weekend Outing at the Cotter mountain house and my second 10k, the Peachtree Road Race
Travel Destination: Mineral Bluff, GA
Overall: So-So

August 2008
I turn 26...
Travel Destination: ?
Overall: So-So

September 2008
Espana!!! Need I say more!
Travel Destination: Spain
Overall: Excellent!

October 2008
Finally, I got to see Ray Lamontagne in concert!
Travel Destination: Charlotte, NC
Overall: So-So

November 2008
Thanksgiving in Dauphin Island, Alabama
Travel Destination: Myrtle Beach, SC and Dauphin Island, AL
Overall: So-So

December 2008
My third 10k in Savannah, Christmas
Travel Destination: Savannah, SC
Overall: So-so

Seems like the overall feeling of 2008 is so-so, but I think my Spain trip might outweigh all those so-so months. I guess I can be optimistic and just be thankful for good health, family and friends.

Goals (and yes I do say goals not resolutions) for 2009
1. Take more art classes
2. Be in shape and run more
3. And most importantly to be happy

I think those goals are pretty reasonable and reachable. I've already signed up for figure drawings classes and they start on Monday! I've already signed up for the Bridge Run in Charleston in April and I'm working on the third goal. I think it can be done...slowly but surely!

Looking forward to a healthy and optimistic 2009!


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