Big Bucks, No Whammies


Remember when Atlanta was snowed in for almost a week back in January? As I was sitting at home looking on my computer, I wished for warmer weather and knew that if I wasn't on the beach at some point in the next month or two, then I would probably die of frostbite.

It just so happens that a good friend from college is stationed down in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico for the Coast Guard. How convenient! So that same day, I booked a flight down to Puerto Rico over Valentine's Day weekend with a co-worker. We like to joke that we are in a relationship although she won't confirm our status on facebook. I have to put a "JK!" here because in my past experience my sarcasm doesn't come through and people believe everything I say.

Puerto Rico was just delightful! It's like an international vacation but not since we didn't have to use our passports and the flight was only 3.5 hours non-stop.

We arrived in Puerto Rico to 80 degree weather, fried food, blue waters and flowing Medalla!

PS. Another plus about Puerto Rico is that they have casinos. I won $20 after being down $60! Big Bucks, No Whammies!