Shoya Izakaya


I'm always in the know about new restaurants popping up in the ATL, but when it comes to Asian restaurants I stick with the uge (short for usual. Just watch I Love You, Man and you will know what I mean).

Friday night, my friend Maggie took me to Shoya. She had gotten a gift certificate for her birthday from her Asian boss :) He described the restaurant as Japanese street food and said to order the ramen noodle soup. I'm not an expert in Japanese food, but ramen...I mean I love me some ramen.

As we were making our way to the restaurant, I realized that it was in the same shopping center as Super H! So I told Maggie that her and her dad were going to be the only white people in the restaurant and that I wanted to stop by Super H after dinner to buy some tofu. So Asian.

After we sat and looked over the menu, we realized that it was a "tapas" style restaurant. She of course asked me what I wanted (I'm thinking she had no idea what to order, but she did point out one or two items that she wanted). I'm glad she trusted my judgement on what to order because everything was delicious. The menu for the night:

Koebi Karaage (Crunchy fried baby shrimp with sea salt and lemon)
Seaweed Salad
Georgian Roll
Pork Belly Kushiyaki (skewers)
Japanese Conch Kushiyaki
Saba Shioyaki (Grilled marinated mackeral with dashi soy sauce)
Asari Butter Yaki (Manila clams with soy butter sauce)
Unagi Kabayaki (Grilled eel with BBQ Sauce)
Tan Tan Ramen

It was a lot of food, but it didn't surprise me that it was just enough food for 3 people. Well, I guess 2 because Maggie and I ate most of it...

Who wants to join me and Maggie next time?