I heart typography


It's true...everyone has their own little quirks and for some odd reason, I don't know....maybe it's because I'm a graphic designer...every time I'm out and about I always seem to try and figure out what type of font I see. And I guess I'm not ashamed of my freak flag, I like to wave it in front of people and declare, "I know that font!" I get the rolling of the eyes or the I want to pretend I didn't hear what you just said in front of all these people. I think it's a gift.

To wave my flag around even more, I bought this awesome Sans Serif Typography Wood Wall Art made by PepperSprouts from etsy.com

image courtesy of peppersprouts

What kind of freak flag do you carry!?!?


Meg said...

Pauline, that is SO cute!! You're going to have to take a picture of it in your house! Oh, and that is totally a gift. My friend Heather has a big thing for fonts and is passionate about fonts that aren't found on Word.

My personal freak flag is grammar. I was that obnoxious girl in elementary school and middle school that would highlight and circle grammatical errors on my friend's notes like a nazi school ma'arm.

jen Pepper said...

I'm a stickler for BAD typography. You know what i mean.. when the paragraph on that ad has awful leading.... Or that three word billboard has three different typefaces. Or recently when everyone is jumping on the "Archer" bandwagon!

I'm glad you love the peice <3

J. Wo said...

Very cool! Did you hang it in your office?? Or in your room!? I think that would answer how geeky you are! ;)

Pauline said...


With my passion for fonts and your passion for grammar we can make a very unique couple...

Jen!! Thank you so much!! I love it! I'm trying to think of a good spot to put it. I'm glad that there are other people like me out there...guess it's not such a quirk anymore. Thank you again!!