After Shopping Nights with Bodega at Studio 900 (definitely got some more good finds!), my friend Katie and I decided to get dinner and drinks at P'Cheen in Inman Park. I just love saying that word...P'Cheen..I could not stop saying it last night! It's just one of those words.

Photo from Savory Exposure

On a sidenote: What really bugged me was that P'Cheen was on Groupon the other day...I despised the table next to us as I saw them take out their Groupon from their wallet to pay for part of their meal. Groupon would be the end of my finances if I keep buying every groupon--that was my rationalization for the night and that was the end of my Groupon woes. End of sidenote.

And damn I didn't have my camera and you know how the iPhone cameras are...in times of darkness, I wish I had a blackberry so I could have some flash to my pics!

You think that as a Catholic I would adhere to my Lenten Season fasting: complaining

The dinner last night was delicious!

For an appetizer, we ordered the Drunken' Shrooms...boy, I could have made that dish into a soup. The broth was just out of this fungi world!

Main Entrée: Risotto du Jour
Oh yes, there was some pork belly with this dish. Pork Belly and Risotto are two of my many favorites things and put together...umm...yea...