I want my baby back


barbecue sauce...

The baby back ribs were very tempting Monday night at DBA Barbecue in Virginia Highlands, but I chose to stick with the pulled pork with a side of deliciousness! Monday nights at DBA Barbecue they have great beer specials: $1 pint and $4 pitchers of Yuengling. So Natalie, Mr. Macking and I made our way to try it out! Conclusion: might be a regular place to hit up on Mondays, especially if Natalie becomes a guest bartender. Oh yes, they have guest bartenders on Monday nights.

Sorry for the terrible photos...I was sans camera that night

Pulled Pork plate with a side of red beans and rice and creamed corn

Mr. Macking's plate: Pulled Pork with potato salad and humungo onion rings

Natalie's Plate: Pulled Chicken with yummy macaroni n cheese and sweet potato fries

Did I mention that we had banana pudding and chocolate bourbon ice cream over a brownie?

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I'm stuffed!


Meg said...

Oh girl, stop! You're making my mouth water. You should be a food critic. Wouldn't that be an amazing job?

I love the idea of guest bartenders!