Me, Molly and McGee


I have definitely not been looking for love in all the right places for the past month. I've been so busy with work and anything and everything outside of work. So how fitting is it that HelloRobert has gotten me addicted to watching a Live Owl Nest Box where Molly has laid eggs a month ago and should be hatching any day now!

Is it weird that I just related my non-existence on my blog to owl eggs?

Live Videos by Ustream


Meg said...

I am rushing around to go out of town, saw your link and had to see your newest post before heading out! Yep, I am a nerd like that.

You crack me up, Pauline! What a cool link! I think you were relating your personal growth to the metamorphosis of eggs. Lots of preparation before you 'hatch' into the wiser being you will soon be. And yes, I am smoking a pipe in a robe right now.

Now I'm totally invested too. Owls are amazing!