Excuse Me, Where's the bathroom?


[GRAPHIC STORY BELOW: Read at your own risk!]

While in the Philippines, we went to the most amazing island, Palawan. We went to all kinds of natural wonders. On this particular leg of the trip, we went to a very discreet island of white sandy beaches, clear water and not a person in sight (well not many people in sight).

This trip was a whopping 1 hour and a half boat ride in open sea. And if you see from some of these other boat pictures that the boat isn't your typical boat that you find in the states. But for this trip, we rented a boat that could carry more gas, more engine and yes a bathroom.

If you were waiting for the graphic part, wait for it, wait for it...

Apparently a virus was going around amongst my family members who were on this trip. The virus consisted of diarrhea a couple of times a day. And knowing my luck, I had the virus on this day. On this day of the trip. On this day when we had to ride an hour and a half to a beach in open sea!

Luckily, haha, and I do say luckily there is a bathroom on the boat. No, it's a toilet surrounded by four wooden walls. No top and one hole to drain the toilet into the ocean. The same water that I will be swimming in an hour and a half from this point.

I could see the islands ahead of us...

From the picture, it probably looks like we're going fast, but we probably had another good 15-20 minutes left and I just could not wait!

So, I ventured into the box. I did my business. where was the toilet flusher??!

The toilet flusher was standing right outside of the box holding a pail of water.

Yes. In order to flush the toilet you have to pour water down the toilet really fast. Umm, no way I was going to let this guy flush my virus down the toilet, especially since I realized during this trip that Filipino guys are attractive. Especially the ones who live at the beach!

So I politely declined the help and flushed that virus straight into the bright blue and green ocean!