Wish I was back i paradise


The view literally right outside of our hut.

Our walk down Mount Tapyas . It's a horrible picture, but I wanted to post it because of the little boy to the left of me. I sort of have a crush on him. He was so cute!! He followed us all 700+ steps and back down 700+ steps trying to get us to buy water and gatorade from him. I had to buy a couple because I could not resist his face!

The view of the islands on top of Mount Tapyas.

This was at the dock at Coron. We were waiting for our boat to get back to the resort, but the tide was so low and there were so many boats that it could not get to us. The boat guy had to swim and push this small boat to the dock and bring us back one (or two) by one. They said that they were scared to step on sting ray!!! What a sacrifice!


Meg said...

I have looked through all of your blog posts and these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing these two weeks of adventures. I cannot get over how beautiful everything is. And I must say, you handled the embarrassing moments quite gracefully. I think I would have freaked out with the bathroom boat incident!

I love that your family all traveled together and celebrated your grandfather's 80th birthday. What a special, special trip!