Let me Ride that Donkey Donkey


There really are no words to explain how beautiful it was, so I'll let the pictures do all the talking! These pictures were taken by my talented cousin, Marc. :)

My grandparents have a house up in Tagaytay, known for the volcano within a volcano. We drove down the mountain, albeit a very steep mountain, to the lake. We then took a boat ride to the inside crater of the volcano. I would explain how it became a volcano within a volcano, but I would probably butcher the whole story. It's best if you do the research yourself...sorryeeeee!

From there, we rode a donkey all the way up the crater...under the blazing sun. For some reason, a 10 year old boy was leading my donkey and thought it would be a good idea to make the donkey go faster.

Let's just say that my inner thighs were killing me for who knows how long. I did not want to fall off that donkey so I was holding on for dear life!

The ride, although rocky, was definitely worth it...

This is the water inside the innermost crater. It's still active so you can see bubbles in certain areas of the water. They say that you can go down there a bath in the water if you wanted to.

Actually, now that I think about it. I think I was riding a horse and not a donkey.


Victoria said...

OMG it looks absolutely gorgeous there!!! I'm mad you JUST realized that might've been a donkey! But I am going to go google the volcano within a volcano situation!

PS: you should've bathed in that crater, i'm sure if any lava came up it would've been soothing ;-)

Pauline said...

Just you wait for my next post!!! I did some bathing...and it was soothing...

Natalie Ann said...

UNBELIEVABLE!! So beautiful! Miss you terribly! So glad you had a great time!