Shopping Nights with Bodega at Studio 900


As a Daily Candy subscriber, I'm always on the lookout for awesome events around Atlanta, especially for shopping. Last month they did a feature on Bodega at Studio 900 Shopping Nights. Created by Rosa McWaters, it's a monthly event (every third Thursday of the month) of fashion and food. You can eat yummy food from Bookhouse Pub and drink beer while shopping for clothing, jewelry or handbags or getting your haircut by some talented hairstylists. Yes, I said it, haircut!

Last night I was able to go. I got my haircut for $25 by Christina McCarver from Bella Capelli.

I bought this really cute fish necklace from hot pink poo for $8

And my best buy of the night: Vintage Stuart Weitzman shoes for $25!

Now, you can beat that! I spent $58 for a haircut, vintage designer shoes and a necklace.

PS. If you are a local fashion artist and would like to be a part of Bodega at Studio 900 Shopping Nights, then contact Rosa McWaters.


Meg said...

Those shoes literally made me melt. I want them!! You had such an incredible and thrifty night!

Katie said...

I want to go with you! That sounds really fun. -Katie