All You Need is Love


So I'm sure you know by now that I'm just rethinking the name of my blog...argh! It's like coming up with your child's name but not I guess since I'm able to change the name with a couple of clicks of the mouse and some keyboard love. Hmm...thoughts? I'm trying to play off the fact that friends, family, food, design and wine are what I really love in life.

On another note, I'm not super big into coffee, but I recently bought two of the cutest mugs from Target. I can't seem to find them on the internet, so I took a picture of one. Makes me all fuzzy inside for Valentine's Day!

So I thought what other cute mugs are out there?

Of course, I mean I just had too...I found these Valentine Owl Latte Mug Set of 4 in Pink on Kaboodle.

I found these hooters through Two Girls, One Blog... from

Last one and I'll stop...can't stop..won't stop...Art Effect - Yuki Owl Mug I found on This Next.


Meg said...

Who-ray! (People gasp...did she really just use that lame line?)

I am so glad to find someone else who appreciates owls. You find all of the best stuff! And we only have 4 good coffee mugs. I might have to purchase a few of these.

P.S.- I thought Sweet P was super clever but I like this title too.

Pauline said...

Haha!! Well we can paddle in the same lame boat then because I definitely come up with the lamest lines. Who ever loves me til the end has to put up with me! Ha! Yes, I know, aren't these mugs so cute? I can see you and Lee drinking out of them in your new kitchen.