Crepe Crepe Revolution


I'm not sure I can abbreviate the place CCR, but I can definitely say that Crepe Revolution is a pioneer by bringing a whole new dining experience with crepes galore. I was so overwhelmed with their wide variety of selections that I'm just going to have to come back to try all the other crepes I didn't get to taste. Last night was so cold outside I needed something to warm me up, so I chose the Chicken Thai Peanut...

And of course I had to try a sweet crepe...Bananas Foster. The waiter asked me if I wanted ice cream to go on top...Did I want ice cream on top? He obviously didn't get that I finished my plate of Chicken Thai Peanut and downed a bottle of Callia Alta Malbec (with Jessica). (Sidenote: half priced bottles of wine Wednesday nights). Anyways, did the waiter not know I'm so over-indulgent when it comes to dining.

Yes, I got vanilla ice cream on top.

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Meg said...

Oh my sweet lord. That looks SO good! And OF COURSE you wanted ice cream on top!

You and Jessica definitely know all of the best dining places in the area. You should be food critics!

ohhhhhlisa said...

I'm trying this place out tomorrow!!! Thanks to Scout Mob it will be a little cheaper. Looks soo yummy!