Happy New Year!


Hello, 2010! How are you? I hope you will treat everyone well in the coming year.

What is everyone's New Year's resolutions?

During Thanksgiving, I came upon the CSPAN channel because Ludacris was on there promoting his charity, The Ludacris Foundation. Sidenote: I was just so intrigued about this other side to him.

But the point of bringing this up was because he was talking about growing up with a single parent, his mother. At the end of every year, his mother made him create a goal list (I guess it's like the resolution list! ha!) and at the end of that year, they will look at the goal list and see if he was able to complete them. He accounted this as a part of his drive to be successful. I think it worked!

Goals (Resolutions) for 2010
1. Put away 15% into my savings each month (I may have gotten this one from Meg)
2. Move! :)
3. Run more (I have a 5K in Athens at the end of this month and a 10K in March. Hoping to run a half marathon as well)
4. Pay off my car

Hopefully a year from now, I will have done all these things!


Meg said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love all of your goals! Louisa and Heather are planning to run the Peachtree Road Race. You should join them! Where are you planning to move to? Oh, and P.S. - Luda sure is a versatile fella, huh?